Yorkville Books – Yorkville History Through Books and Web Sites

Over the years while we had the Yorkville website, several books were written over the years. Some of those books were written by Yorkville residents presently how they experienced growing up in Yorkville. I also included a book by Msgr. George A. Kelly  who was a priest at St. Monica’s Church. Rev. also wrote a book specifically about Yorkville and was put out under a small distribution and I have not been able to find this book.

Books on Yorkville

i hate the dallas cowboys

Purchase the book on  Amazon by clicking on this link…..I Hate The Dallas Cowboys.

Tommy’s monthly storytelling show, “Stoops to Nuts,” is every second Tuesday of the month at Cornelia Street Cafe.” 

Also, stop by Tommy’s Yorkville Stoop to Nuts Blog for his stories.

“Yorkville Twins: Hilarious Adventures Growing Up In New York City, 1944-1962”

By Joseph and John Gindele

Click here to learn more about ordering this book.  – Yorkville Twins

Yorkville Twins Book

A book written by Joseph G. Gindele and John F. Gindele about their childhood in Yorkville.. I have attached a link to ordering the book.

boland book

One Day As I Stood Lonely: YORKVILLE A Memoir by KEVIN N. Boland


Inside My Father’s House by MSGR. GEORGE A. KELLY

The Yorkville Historian

Don’t forget to check our the Yorkville Historian, Kathy Jolowicz, who has a presentation in the neighborhood and also available at the following web site.

The Yorkville/Kleindeutschland Historical Society

These are all the books that I received over the years about our Yorkville and most should be available on Amazon.

The greendougherty web site with all its Yorkville Web Site Links

Mary Ann Garvey Faulkner. I am happy to say that the girl sitting on the stoop on the cover of Kevin Boland’s book, “One Day As I Stood Lonely Yorkville”, is me. I am also mentioned in the book as Ann Mary. 🙂 09/18/14

Enjoying the memories in pictures,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty

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